The online version of our own very favorite family game Housie aka Tambola. Create games and play with your friends and family. Play with upto 25 players simultaneously. Choose from a lot of variety of prizes/dividends and get entertained to the fullest.
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66 Seconds is a fun Vocabulary builder game with 2 different games in a single app. The games are in a fun animated story mode and very easy to play. These games test as well as improve your vocabulary and are a good time pass. In one of the games, you need to say words from a random letter within 66 seconds while in the other you would need to fill the blanks to reveal the correct word within the given time
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Do you remember the awesome, fun game "Bollywood", we all use to play in the childhood? We present you the same game with loads of fun and sweet memories. Rules: Just guess the word correctly by clicking on the letters below. You will get 9 chances (the number of letters in the word BOLLYWOOD) to guess the word correctly. Leaderboard: Bring your name in the leaderboards by consecutively winning games and that too in minimum chances possible.
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